We use a rich curriculum grounded in a tradition of progressive education that helps students learn higher-level thinking. Although it is a college-prep curriculum, the curriculum is taught in a very active, hands-on, and multi-sensory way. Weekly field studies and internships reinforce learning. 

Award-Winning Ecology Curriculum
For the sixh year, we have been one of only forty schools in Virginia to be recognized by Virginia Naturally for excellence in environmental curriculum.

The school’s wireless network allows students internet access and to be networked within the school, sharing files, printers, scanners, etc. In addition, the school provides digital cameras and video cameras so that students can create multi-media presentations.

Grading Policy
We understand that traditional tests do not always tell the full story of what a student has learned. We use a combination of projects, participation, portfolios, and student input when determining grades. It is our goal to see that each student earns a minimum of 6 high school credits with a grade point average of 3.0 or greater over the year. With our support, this is within the reach of all of our students.

Senior Project
Second semester of senior year, our seniors complete the self-designed Senior Project and may go on a Senior Trip. The project can involve community service, travel, entrepreneurship, political action or independent study. Senior trips have included the deserts of northern New Mexico and Arizona, Washington state, Appalachia, and Anchorage, Alaska.
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